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All subjects of IPCC are taught by CA Suresh Agarwal whose academic acumen and practical experience makes him the ideal mentor for the students. Having been an excellent student himself (4 times All India Rank holder), he is able to harness each student’s potential to the fullest so that they are able to give their best in the exams. The result for IPCC at Straight Shot CA has ranged between 50% – 70% which is more than 5 times the national average of around 10% – 15%. Each subject is taught thoroughly and no aspect is left untouched. As we teach in small batches of not more than 15 students, we are able to pay close attention to each student’s progress and guide them accordingly. Students are encouraged to solve questions on their own and their doubts are discussed and resolved after all classes so that they apply their mind instead of merely following our methods. Further, revision classes are conducted regularly so that students remain in touch with all subjects throughout the preparatory period. We finish the entire syllabus well in time before the exams and hence are able to conduct a number of test series to prepare the students even better. The tests are based on the pattern set by ICAI and we try to create an exam-like environment so that any exam time anxiety can be avoided. Due to rigorous testing, students are able to locate specific problem areas that require attention and the practice helps them avoid silly mistakes. The tests are checked and the suggested answers are discussed with all to guide them about what is expected of them in the exam in terms of both content as well as presentation. Our latest IPCC result in Nov ’16: IPCC Result: November 2016 Particulars Total Students No. of Students Passed Pass % No. of Exemptions Obtained Average Marks Highest Marks Group 1 16 13 81% 21 206 261 Group 2 14 7 50% 11 152 197 Accounting 16 16 100% 9 61 80 Law, Ethics & Communication 16 15 94% 5 52 66 Costing & Financial Management 16 15 94% 4 52 69 Taxation 16 15 94% 3 51 67 All Subjects (Group 1) 64 61 95% 21 206 261 Advanced Accounting 14 13 93% 9 62 83 Auditing & Assurance 14 11 79% 1 45 60 IT & Strategic Management 14 10 71% 1 45 63 All Subjects (Group 2) 48 40 83% 11 150 197 For further result statistics, you can refer

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